Japanese Calligraphy Online Lessons

Short term lessons

One lesson: 2000 yen (basic knowledge+basic style)

4 lessons: 7000 yen (basic knowledge+basic style)

8 lessons: 12000 yen (basic knowledge+basic style+semi-cursive style)

12 lessons: 18000 yen  (basic knowledge+basic style+semi-cursive style)


*The example, comment with video and feedback are included.

*We accept only PayPal.

Regular courses

Registration fee: 5000 yen

Twice per month: 4000 yen

Three times per month: 5000 yen

Four times per month: 6000 yen

*According to your request, we can offer you the "Kyu" and "Dan" grading system of calligraphy by using a calligraphic text book "Shosaku". We can also train you to become certified as a calligraphy instructor. 

+650 yen per month

*We accept only PayPal.

道(ROAD, WAY)行書(Gyosho style)

愛(LOVE) 楷書(Kaisho style)

愛(LOVE) 行書(Gyosho style)

合(合気道 AIKIDO) 楷書(Kaisho) 1/3

気(合気道 AIKIDO) 楷書(Kaisho) 2/3

道(合気道 AIKIDO) 楷書(Kaisho) 3/3